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Jess began her eyelash training in New York to train with affair by J. Paris for her classic certification in May 2015.  She trained with Eyelash Excellence in 2017 on advance classic styling techniques and receive her volume certification.  Jess moved from Connecticut in 2018 to North Carolina.  She is known as the "Eyelash Preserver".  Jess' top priorities are health and safety and educating clients.  Jess stands out with her impeccable teaching skills and knowledge, focusing on the medical aspects in lash training.

Raleigh Instructor- Jess

Classic & Volume Lash, Lash Lift Trainer


Leah has been in the beauty business for many years.  Bringing her experiences and enthusiasm to PHABJOA is a great asset to the company.  Leah's passion for educating students comes across in her classroom.  

Raleigh Instructor- Leah

 Classic Lash

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