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Bonnie Heart, Founder


Bonnie Heart a native of North Carolina has been in the cosmetology industry for over twenty years. Bonnie worked and helped establish several salons and spas in the United States. In 2008, Bonnie attended a convention in Las Vegas focusing on eyelash extensions. Personally experiencing  the process of getting an amazing new look of fuller, longer eyelashes, knowing she would no longer have to wear the dreaded mascara, Bonnie decided to share this experience with other women. She pursued her education in eyelash extensions by traveling to Atlanta, where she completed training as an  Eyelash Extensionist with Nova Lash. Once trained with Nova Lash, Bonnie devoted her time and skills to being an Eyelash Extensions Expert. Her love for eyelash extensions, her surgeon-steady hands and her passion for beauty, brought her success in the eyelash extension industry, thus founding Phabjoa (Fab-Jo-ah) Lash Training.

Upon retiring, Bonnie still stays closely connected to the company, lash artists and lash industry.




Licensed Cosmetologists (State of North Carolina)

Certified Eyelash Extension Artist 

Expert Lash Artist

Master Educator for the Art of Eyelash Extensions Application

NALA Member