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Golden Seal Certificate – As a S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certificate awardee,  you will stand out in the crowd as a highly trained and respected  eyelash extensions artist. You are granted use of the "S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal" logo for your marketing, social media, and promotional materials as long as you keep your certification current. The certification is a yearly renewal of $30.00.  


This certification, in itself, sets us above the "product" companies that provides you with a one or two day training, then sends you on your way, not offering you continued support.   PHABJOA keeps you informed through constant communication with you.


PHABJOA Lashes Referral Partner  - Becoming  a S.E.E. Lashes Certified artist puts you right where you need to be by having clients referred/directed to you as you use the recognized Golden Seal logo and display your certificate in your spa, salon or studio. You are also listed on our website as a referral partner that have been fully trained and qualified to the highest standard in North Carolina.


We will continually update our partners' contact info, recognize any awards obtained through competitions, business organizations, etc... and refer/direct  prospective clients to you.


Partner support is at the top of our list in helping you know and grow your business. Phabjoa Lash Training welcomes your questions and concerns by promising to give impeccable support to you as a team member.

Continuing Education Credits:

The North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts requires that you have 8 hours of continuing educating each year as an aesthetician or cosmetologist. At PHABJOA Lash Training we provide you with a Certificate of Completion upon taking our training's that satisfies the continuing ed credit hours. This information is also filed at PHABJOA Lash Training, therefore if you ever misplace or lose your certificate you can request another one from us.


  • S.E.E. Lashes Certification Course = 8 hours credit


   •  Refresher Course = 4 hours credit


   •  S.E.E. Lashes Instructor Training = 8 hours credit


   •  S.E.E. Lashes Certification Test-Out = 4 hours credit



Partnership in Networking – As a S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certified artist, you have the opportunity to connect with others through our partnership networking program. This includes scheduled "live" and recorded conference calls, newsletters, forums and a quarterly luncheon to share the "Latest and Greatest" information, questions, and tips.


You will meet other referral partners in your area that will invite you to get to know them. This helps us to pull together, helping each other grow and connect to serve as a backup for a temporary leave of absences, vacations or maternity leaves, as well as someone to exchange services, etc.

We at PHABJOA Lash Training know there is enough business out there for you to be very successful and sharing our knowledge with one another in this industry puts you a step closer to being the BEST that you can be!


PHABJOA Lash Training is dedicated to focusing on artists' connections instead of separation by product companies. We believe there are many companies that offer quality products, therefore it should be to the discretion of the artists as to their preference of medical grade adhesives and eyelash extensions they use.

We, at PHABJOA Lash Training concentrate on the safety of the natural lashes, client satisfaction, along with the well-being of our lash artists. 




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