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Charlotte Classic Instructor

             Ha Le


Wilmington Volume Instructor

Ha Le is located in Charlotte N.C. She has been in the beauty industry for many years. She moved from California to Charlotte in 2006, where she has continued to live out her dream as being an expert lash artist. She has worked full time doing lashes in Charlotte and has hundreds of satisfied and loyal customers. Ha Le is an Instructor in Classic Lashes  with Phabjoa (Fab-Jo-ah) Lash Training and holds trainings in Charlotte on a monthly basis. Because of her passion for the eyelash extension industry, Ha Le takes pride in offering the BEST training recognized in the Charlotte Area.

PHABJOA is so excited to bring Kayla on board as she brings her training and skills with her from Vietnam. Kayla is a great asset to our company.  She teaches two different methods for volumizing.  You will benefit greatly by taking her course versa getting trained where only one method is taught.