S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certification


In 2020 consumers spent just under $50 million dollars on lash products and services.  The industry is growing quickly and now is the time to become a part of this fast growing business!


If you have researched the industry, you know that certification courses are plentiful; however, at Phabjoa (FAB-JO- ah) Lash Training, not only are we committed to training you to become an expert lash artist, we also want to give you a head start in the industry by allowing you to train and qualify for the REGISTERED S.E.E. Lashes Golden Seal Certification which will assure clients that you have the expertise to do their lashes safely.















The distinguished S.E.E.  (Safe Eyelash Extensions) Lashes Golden Seal Certification


  • Become one of the recognized elite lash artists. Stand out as nationally registered S.E.E. Lashes (Safe Eyelash Extension) Lash Artist.

  • This ensures the clients they are receiving services by an Up-To-Date lash artist, offering the safest and latest styles in the eyelash extension industry. 


  • We focus on producing well trained and qualified lash artists who provide a positive image on the eyelash extensions industry. As we pull together, sharing ideas, experiences, tips and the latest products and fashions, clients receive arguably, the best lash extensions training available.


  • We believe there are many product companies that offer quality lashes, medical grade adhesives and accessories, but just as important, or even more important is the proper and safe methodology of lash extensions application.


  • There is no national standard when it comes to learning the art of eyelash extensions. The goal of PHABJOA Lash Training is to raise the standard to insure that clients receive both a safe procedure and beautiful eyelash extensions. Our work is based on the principle that research and client opinion should be the foundation of all work conducted when performing activities near areas as sensitive as the eyes. It is our position that individuals who provide eyelash extensions services, in America, should be licensed /certified by a reputable agency.

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